I moved upstate with a well-mannered man
He’s awake at eight, he seems to understand

Sing me a love song
Sing me a love song
It’s all I’ll ever ask

Sing me a love song
Sing me a love song
I swear I won’t laugh …

For those among us who love multi-layered pop which defies expectations, Ménage is a band worth noting. appreciated their “expertly crafted … inspiring sound weaved in and out of intense pop arrangements,” but I’d get much more specific. Imagine if Jason Isbell teamed up with Cyndi Lauper to record with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder, and you’re at least going to be on the right wavelength. Even then, there’s something ethereal about “Love Song” which makes slapdash comparisons a pointless endeavor.

EP, the second of four planned extended-play singles, features that song and three others of equal or greater value, allowing the listener’s anticipation to build throughout its length. Saving “Love Song” for last, fans can relish the Roxette-tinged pop-rock of “Our Time Is Now,” the brilliantly Chvrches-esque melodic hook of “To The End” and the stutter-step percussion of “Promises II” before reaching the aural catharsis of their strongest track. Smartly the band builds our expectations and then leaves us just quickly enough to ensure we’ll be clamoring for EP #3. This Toronto threesome won’t be obscure for long if there’s justice in the musical universe.


4 thoughts on “ARTISTS TO WATCH: Ménage

    • It caught me off guard as well! I posted this barely an hour after hearing the song for the first time, that’s how much it gripped my attention 🙂 Thanks for reading, I hope you stick around!

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