INTERVIEW: The Kickback

The Kickback (Credit: Jim Vondruska)

Billy Yost has spent the last few years really priming fans of the Kickback with information about what it’s like to really be on the road these days. And he’s a fountain of information. Hell, after we got done talking last week, he had to call me back just to clarify that he had indeed listened to Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic” at least fourteen times that day. Because that’s just who he is.

Never a band to merely sleep through the interminable road trips, Yost and company record a great deal of what goes on in the van during those early morning drives. Just last week the band celebrated the release of the 100th episode of their “DISASTOUR” podcast, and as they work toward the eventual release of that long-awaited full-length debut, they continue to play Geography defying series of live shows that bounce them throughout the country. Judging by live videos like this oneor this one … the result is something fans really should be celebrating this night before Thanksgiving.

Yost sat down to talk to “Hear! Hear!” about the band’s songwriting process, what fuels the band’s live performances, and just how big an impact being from a small town plays in how they relate to fans.  You can listen to the full interview at the link above.

The band will be at Indianapolis’s Melody Inn tonight, so get your tickets if you haven’t!


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