F#@^ YEAH IT’S CHRISTMAS: DePue Brothers Band – “Linus and Lucy”

I love Christmas, bluegrass and the Charlie Brown Christmas album, so when I stumbled on this track from the DePue Brothers Band, off their album When It’s Christmas Time, I couldn’t help but spread the word! Zach DePue, on violin, is currently the concertmaster for the Indianapolis Symphony, which gives this some local flavor. But what I really loved about their backstory is how much family history there is in the group’s celebrations of the holiday spirit. Their father, Dr. Wallace DePue, Sr., wrote a new Christmas carol for the family as his holiday gift, a tradition carried forward to this day:

No matter where they may be performing, the brothers reunite each Christmas and each year their dad writes another carol. These carols were musical expressions of love to his four sons and enduring gift cards to the DePue‘s family and friends with personal notes and updates from each growing child. In addition, as a gift to their community, they would perform in their hometown church and, now, they return to the church this Christmas with an additional gift – their holiday music recorded.

The entire album is as captivating as the video below, capturing the beauty of the holiday season via rollicking bluegrass arrangements you won’t be able to help tapping a foot to. As you settle back into your groove now that Thanksgiving’s come and gone, let this reworked classic get you into the spirit of the season!


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