THE LIVE WIRE: The Murder Junkies coming to Indy’s 5th Quarter Lounge in June!

If you’ve ever said there’s nothing hardcore going on in Indianapolis, prepare to have those words force-fed down your throats by the band that all but defines the raw brutality of the punk aesthetic. That’s right — the Murder Junkies, the final band to back the late, quite possibly certifiably insane, punk legend G.G. Allin will be coming to Indianapolis to play the 5th Quarter Lounge on June 13, with support from Late August, ASD, Hell’s Orphans and Giraffes Eating Lions. Brought to you by Dan Nash and Circle Pit Conservative in cooperation with Mona DeMaggio at the 5th Quarter, this looks to be THE SHOW this summer, one you won’t want to miss if you have ever claimed to support punk rock and free speech. I’ll bring you more information on this show as things develop, but tickets are available now for $8.00, or $10.00 at the door (if they’re not sold out by then).


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