PAPERBACK WRITERS: The Novelists ‘Break The Script’ for new single “Soul Sucker”


With cliffhanger storytelling, multiple lead singers and signature four-part harmonies, there’s a lot that lines up between local Indianapolis act Against The Clocks and Reno’s own up-and-comers The Novelists. Back in 2013 the band debuted The Novelists Book Club, a subscription service that gave fans two new songs a month, culminating in the release of Book One, which was the first of two full-length releases of ‘book club’ tracks. And now, with their double-disc album Breaking The Script on the horizon, they unleash “Soul Sucker,” a single with propulsive hooks and those strong harmonies out front of a rollicking piano-rock melody. “Can’t you hear them calling out your name?” they sing compulsively on the chorus as guitars wail. I definitely hear something worth following with this band, and if they come through Indianapolis in the future, you’d be crazy to pass up the chance to hear them live.

To learn more, visit the band’s official websiteBreaking The Script is out June 3rd.


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