Ethan Burns drops single “Homeward,” maintains air of mystery


In this era of instant gratification, it’s hard to maintain a sense of mystique about an artist. We’re at least three decades removed from the era when labels would release a band’s single with a “white label” in order to avoid giving radio programmers too much information, which allowed some interesting artists to gain airplay without overexposure.

So it’s refreshing to occasionally stumble on a songwriter about whom I can find little information, but whose song speaks for itself. In the case of Ethan Burns’ debut single :Homeward,” which echoes hints of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” in its bare delivery, less is more. The song is supported ably by a strong rhythm section, and Burns’ deep throaty vocals glue themselves to your brain on first listen, demanding frequent repeats. The California songwriter’s roots are in the working class, which shows through in his strong yet subtle delivery, making this a real keeper, particularly for a first single.

“Homeward” is perfect for rolling the windows down and cranking your car’s speakers to ten. Give your neighbors something to talk about! Better yet, when they come up to ask, show them this review. Let’s make this one the perfect unexpected summer viral sensation!


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