THE LIVE WIRE: Perro Planetario at the Melody Inn


Perro Planetario’s lead singer Luk at Melody Inn in Indianapolis (Photo: Jonathan Sanders)

Independent rockers Perro Planetario popped through Indianapolis this week amid their first American tour in the band’s eight-year existence. And I’m glad I made it a point to attend, because when a band from Buenos Aires decides to make an appearance, it’s always good that it’s at a place as storied as the Melody Inn, the one spot in Indy where you can all but get up on the stage with the band — you and a hundred or so of your closest drunken friends. Once you’re there, you get to experience the best music out there, with no genre limits. And Perro Planetario, even with the language barrier of performing their songs entirely in Spanish, easily will win you over with their hooks.

Growing up in the home of a Spanish teacher, I learned at a young age to appreciate songs in their original contest, so I appreciate it when bands refuse to cater to lazy American audiences by translating their songs into our language. Expand your horizons and there’s a global music experience out there! And thanks to the Melody Inn I don’t have to rely just on YouTube clips … though you’re certainly welcome to enjoy the song I caught at the show (“Sin Novedad”) and enjoy the photos, all below.

If you missed it, Indianapolis, the band has ONE MORE SHOW in town before they head to their next city. Tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. at EL VOLKAN Mexican Restaurant, at 2701 W Washington St. Trust me, they’re worth the drive!

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