Ask Harley Poe a question, win tickets to Punk Rock Night New Year’s Eve at the Melody Inn!


Something great is happening in Indianapolis in February, and it revolves around the return of one of our region’s most amazing performers.

After disbanding in 2015, Kokomo’s nationally-renowned Harley Poe chose to reunite under the leadership of Joe Whiteford for what they were billing as one final show at the Melody Inn on February 11, 2017. The show sold out in three hours. So the band and organizers put together a second show on February 12th, set up online-only sales through Brown Paper Tickets to satiate demand, and last night those tickets sold out in thirty SECONDS!

In other words, we’re gonna need a bigger Mel.

“Good luck beating thirty seconds!” promoter Will Schlosser told me when I asked him for a comment on the sellout, which I believe is the fastest in Melody Inn history, if not one of the fastest ever locally. “Keep smiling and stay strange!”

– – – –

I had hoped to grab a couple tickets for the second show in order to play “Hear! Hear!” Santa and give them away for free here on the site — I’ll be attending the show on the 11th, and wanted to share the love. But since the second show sold out, I had to think creatively, so I’ve instead come up with another fun way to involve Harley Poe fans in this bit of central Indiana history.

In the coming weeks I will be sitting down with Joe Whiteford to talk about the band’s history for Nuvo Newsweekly. And I would like you to get your chance to ask something you’ve wanted to get off your chest — anything you’ve wanted to know about the band, a song of theirs, anything you want to know about Harley Poe. And one of you will get your question asked in the official interview, and come out of this with a pair of tickets to the Melody Inn’s Punk Rock Night New Year’s Eve bash, featuring G’n’F’n’R, StackCrüe, Lisa Frank and the Trapper Keepers, Public Animal #9 and BurlyQ!

Here’s what I need you to do!

Email me at with the subject line ASK HARLEY POE! Include your name, your best Harley Poe question, and a phone number where I can reach you if your question is the one picked as the winner!

Make sure you are over 21 and able to attend the show if you actually expect to attend the show, as the Melody Inn is an over-21 venue, and you will be carded. All entries need to be received by Saturday December 17 at Noon!

I will assign each entry a Number based on when I received it, and will put the number in a hat. My wife will draw a number from the hat, and that number will be the winner.

Special thanks to Rich Barker, the Melody Inn’s Punk Rock Master of Rock for donating the two tickets, and to Will Schlosser for bringing together the two Harley Poe shows!


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