THE LIVE WIRE: Boy Hits Car at the 5th Quarter (TONIGHT!)


Los Angeles’ Boy Hits Car will be playing a set tonight at Indianapolis’ 5th Quarter Lounge, with support from The Scars Heal In Time and Shadeland! Tickets are only $10 at the door  for what should be a blistering Wednesday night trio of performances. I’ve done some afternoon digging on this band to refresh my memory — they’ve been together since 1993, released their first album My Animal independently in 1998, had mainstream exposure on Wind-Up records for their self-titled sophomore album, and then chose to go independent again thereafter. Though their earlier material initially had nu-metal influences, they’ve always gravitated toward more adventurous sounds than many of their contemporaries. Now they’re much more on the melodic end of the metal spectrum. Check out “The Rebirth” off their self-titled Wind-Up release (a video is posted below) for  strong example of their early work, or “Quiet Storm” off their 2014 album All That Led Us Here.

I believe doors open at 7:30, as the first band is scheduled to start at 8:00. You can find out more here.



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