THE LIVE WIRE: Gay Black Republican (State Street Pub, 12/9/2016)

If you don’t already know I’m a huge fan of Indianapolis punk legends Gay Black Republican, then you just haven’t been paying attention. Or you never read NUVO, which featured my 4,000-word cover story documenting the band’s first 15 years in complete “oral history” detail.

Either way, last Friday’s set at State Street Pub gave the band the chance to play a bunch of tracks off an album they’re still finalizing — it should be recorded and released in 2017, and everything I’ve heard of it points to the band’s best work coming together to form an album you won’t want to sleep on. I know it’s tough to have a “hit” when it comes to being a local punk act in this musical age, but damn it, these are some catchy fucking songs that speak to the age we live in … and like “Ballet on Barbed Wire,” which took on a whole new meaning in the wake of the Iraq War, songs like “Political Fuckery” are certain to become mainstays of Indianapolis’ political punk lexicon.

Trust me on it, or go to the band’s website and buy all their albums for $5-apiece and learn for yourself how good they are. And watch the video below to see “For A Fucking 4,” a brand-new track released with the band’s permission, recorded at the show on the 9th! The video also includes their raw take on classic cut “Ballet on Barbed Wire,” which remains my personal GBR favorite. There are also plenty of great photos below, which you can click on to see higher resolution images. (All photos credit: Jonathan Sanders)


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