DVD TRAILER EXCLUSIVE: Diesel Reeves – “All Laughs Matter”


Indianapolis stand-up comedian Diesel Reeves (photo credit: Jonathan Sanders)

Editor’s Note: I produced this trailer and the DVD which it promotes. So in all fairness this should be considered an advertisement compared to other writing you’ll have seen at “Hear! Hear!” — I wanted to be up front about that. Feel free to critique it as such.

– – – – –

When I first met Diesel Reeves, while shadowing him for a day at June’s “Slamology” auto-show in Indianapolis, I had no idea I’d wind up being his official videographer, plotting the production of a DVD to feature his stand-up. But he’s a charismatic guy, and watching him that day, at a show where there were more people interested in automobiles than bands — let alone seeing the first-ever comedian to grace the 95-degree Slamology stage — I was immediately won over by his work ethic and his unflappable sense of humor.

Six months later we’re weeks away from releasing that DVD, All Laughs Matter, and this teaser trailer is the first hint of what’s to come. All Laughs Matter showcases Reeves’ standup, alongside interviews with him about what makes him want to write jokes in the first place, and his own particular breed of antics that make hanging out with him a truly wild ride. The trailer only gives a taste, along with a clip of “Church” by Indianapolis avant-hip-hop artist Clint Breeze (featuring Theon Lee and Roj Mahal). The DVD will feature music from Clint Breeze as well as local rapper Sirius Blvck.

The full DVD should be out later in February.


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