“HEAR! HEAR!” EXCLUSIVE: Stereo RV – “Human”

Stereo RV

“In the video for “Human” we wanted to portray real people being honest about what makes them, them. We wanted to portray their triumphs; understand what influences them and how they identify their humanity.  The song is about all the traumas and victories that tie us together. The experiences that ultimately identify who we are or who we’re trying to be.”Myra, Stereo RV

Portland, Oregon’s Stereo RV is certain to gain wider exposure this year thanks to the potent earworm that is “Human.” Think Bea Miller’s “I Dare You” or Charlotte OC’s “Medicine Man,” if you’re a current listener to pop radio or major Spotify playlists — this is one of those uplifting, addictive pop songs that sticks in your head and demands to be repeated even if you never again hit the play button. Your brain will do the rest … it’s only human 😉

The duo’s five track EP “Human” officially drops this weekend along with the official video for the single. Listen for Myra Gleason’s memorable voice on these songs … if you’re a fan of soaring vocals and strong piano melodies, “The One” will scratch your itch particularly if you already enjoy Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” or Sia’s “Helium”. And “Who Am I” has another hook that doesn’t quit via sheer repetition — the Chainsmokers meet MØ for addictiveness.


One thought on ““HEAR! HEAR!” EXCLUSIVE: Stereo RV – “Human”

  1. Very moving song and presentation. Was just talking with 13-year-old grandson about his feelings of exclusion at his rural middle school, and thought of him again when the girl held up the sign about feeling bad when people don’t speak to her–in his case, just turn and walk away when he tries to find a new circle to be in. I wish songs like this, and the accompanying messages, were used more commonly in public schools in hopes of getting kids, at those difficult life stages, of thinking about how little words and actions can cause some people to feel dehumanized–and imagine how it might feel if it were them. As well as to help the outsiders to take strength (as through the LGBT message of hope: It Gets Better).

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