“HEAR! HEAR!” EXCLUSIVE: Stereo RV – “Human”

Stereo RV

“In the video for “Human” we wanted to portray real people being honest about what makes them, them. We wanted to portray their triumphs; understand what influences them and how they identify their humanity.  The song is about all the traumas and victories that tie us together. The experiences that ultimately identify who we are or who we’re trying to be.”Myra, Stereo RV

Portland, Oregon’s Stereo RV is certain to gain wider exposure this year thanks to the potent earworm that is “Human.” Think Bea Miller’s “I Dare You” or Charlotte OC’s “Medicine Man,” if you’re a current listener to pop radio or major Spotify playlists — this is one of those uplifting, addictive pop songs that sticks in your head and demands to be repeated even if you never again hit the play button. Your brain will do the rest … it’s only human 😉

The duo’s five track EP “Human” officially drops this weekend along with the official video for the single. Listen for Myra Gleason’s memorable voice on these songs … if you’re a fan of soaring vocals and strong piano melodies, “The One” will scratch your itch particularly if you already enjoy Lady Gaga’s “Million Reasons” or Sia’s “Helium”. And “Who Am I” has another hook that doesn’t quit via sheer repetition — the Chainsmokers meet MØ for addictiveness.


DVD TRAILER EXCLUSIVE: Diesel Reeves – “All Laughs Matter”


Indianapolis stand-up comedian Diesel Reeves (photo credit: Jonathan Sanders)

Editor’s Note: I produced this trailer and the DVD which it promotes. So in all fairness this should be considered an advertisement compared to other writing you’ll have seen at “Hear! Hear!” — I wanted to be up front about that. Feel free to critique it as such.

– – – – –

When I first met Diesel Reeves, while shadowing him for a day at June’s “Slamology” auto-show in Indianapolis, I had no idea I’d wind up being his official videographer, plotting the production of a DVD to feature his stand-up. But he’s a charismatic guy, and watching him that day, at a show where there were more people interested in automobiles than bands — let alone seeing the first-ever comedian to grace the 95-degree Slamology stage — I was immediately won over by his work ethic and his unflappable sense of humor.

Six months later we’re weeks away from releasing that DVD, All Laughs Matter, and this teaser trailer is the first hint of what’s to come. All Laughs Matter showcases Reeves’ standup, alongside interviews with him about what makes him want to write jokes in the first place, and his own particular breed of antics that make hanging out with him a truly wild ride. The trailer only gives a taste, along with a clip of “Church” by Indianapolis avant-hip-hop artist Clint Breeze (featuring Theon Lee and Roj Mahal). The DVD will feature music from Clint Breeze as well as local rapper Sirius Blvck.

The full DVD should be out later in February.

EXCLUSIVE: The Quarantined’s “Feeding You Lies” echoes early Rage with almost as much bite

LA’s The Quarantined

Lead singer Sean Martin hasn’t necessarily mastered Zach de la Rocha’s rare brutal intensity, but Los Angeles rap-rockers the Quarantined make up for it with their apparent sincerity. Bringing together this generation’s current rage against the machines of police brutality and governmental incompetence with crunchy guitars and ferocious political thought, the band carries on where The Battle of Los Angeles left off. “They’ll put two in your dome!” Martin growls, while adding a few of de la Rocha’s patented “Oohhh”s, suggesting the band may still hew a bit too close to their sources of inspiration, but there’s a lot here to appreciate. “Feeding You Lies” and the band’s album Antiquate Hate suggest a new generation is ready to competently take up the rap-rock protest mantle.

Stream the mp3 here, and watch the exclusive debut of their video for “Feeding You Lies” below!

“HEAR! HEAR!” EXCLUSIVE: The Venom Cure – “On The Other Side”


The Venom Cure

I wrote about the Venom Cure back in February after their performance in the Birdy’s Battle of the Bands. And though they did not advance to the semifinals, I was impressed with their EP On The Other Side Pt. 1, which amply showcased their blend of symphonic-tinged 80s stadium rock. I’ve since seen the band perform at the Emerson Theater and the quality of their live set was no fluke. Now they’re ready to launch their second EP, On The Other Side Pt. 2, which will debut at Slamology Cartruckshow this coming weekend at Lucas Oil Raceway. To get you primed for the show, they’ve agreed to debut the title track from that EP here at “Hear! Hear!” A thundering blend of early Bon Jovi with a hook echoing some of U2’s biggest stadium showcases, “On The Other Side” aptly picks up where the first EP left off. “Is there life on the other side of pain?” Steve Nicolas wails on the chorus, emoting at near-Steve Perry levels, and even at five minutes in length, the song doesn’t outstay its welcome. There’s definitely life in this single, and it has me excited to hear what more there is to offer on the new EP.

Be among the first to check it out here! Then comment below … are you ready for the Venom Cure?

FEATURED SONG: Miles Wick – “In Front Of You”


Photo Credit: Don Paris Schlotman

Meet Miles Wick, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who embodies equally the melodic vocals of Paul Simon and the scene-setting of Sufjan Stevens. Wick, who plans to release his latest album So Much Love on June 27th, has already been profiled in Obscure Sound and Independent Music News, drawing comparisons to Arthur Russell and Damien Jurado. Here, for the first time, we present his stunning track “In Front Of You,” which will make you a believer in the first thirty seconds, its bare-bones acoustic melody providing just enough structure to keep his rising-falling ethereal vocals from spinning out of control into the void. The arrangement’s subtle use of background harmonies blended with light bass and piano draws you in instantly. “It’s all in front of you,” he sings hauntingly on the chorus, and as the swell builds before us we’re just glad for the opportunity to partake.

“HEAR! HEAR!” EXCLUSIVE: Hurrah! A Bolt of Light – “In Over My Head”


Brooklyn’s Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! brings a sensational blend of U2 arena rock and Augustana-inspired pop to the table via the entirety of their self-titled debut album, due out April 1st. The band spent time with producer John Fields (Switchfoot, Soul Asylum, The Rembrandts) in Los Angeles working to get the sound right, and I’ll come out and say it: there’s not a dud on the album.

“In Over My Head” in particular is a shining example of what the band offers. “I keep my heart in a little box … I should have known there’d be hell to pay,” Will Farr sings, backed by shimmering guitars, thundering percussion and echoing hand-clap fueled backing vocals. And while he may feel as though he’s in over his head, listeners will fall head-over-heels as they sing along with this perfectly radio-ready nugget.

Help break this band wide and share the track now, available to stream and download exclusively at “Hear! Hear!” via the above link. It’s easy to say there’s nothing great making it to radio but it’s another thing entirely to sit back and let something this good slip away. (You can follow Hurrah! A Bolt of Light! on Facebook and Twitter.)

“HEAR! HEAR!” EXCLUSIVE: PAZ’s “The Silence” is golden, an EDM hit in the making

There’s nothing about this song lyrically that would typically draw me in, but the hook to “The Silence” is immediate and I could legitimately expect to hear PAZ’s latest played on radio stations in the same mix as Imagine Dragons, Skrillex and Avicii, something which should attest to its EDM bona-fides. In the end the hook is all that matters, and it will have you singing along mindlessly long before you have the inkling to think about what you’re singing. That’s the essence of a great pop song, one which grabs hold and drags you kicking and screaming into liking it, and then getting you to spread the word even when you know you’ll be tempted to attach “guilty pleasure” to the description.

“Hear! Hear” is excited to be the first place you’ll hear “The Silence,” which you can stream via Soundcloud below. When more information is available about the full mixtape, we’ll let you know here as well.