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Just in case “Hear! Hear!” isn’t hitting all your musical sweet spots, there are plenty of good blogs out there I’m willing to put my stamp of approval upon. I can’t always say I’ll agree with everything they write, but as far as music goes, these bloggers know what they’re talking about. In addition, I’m including links to other places I write as well. Though I publish most of my outside reviews here as well, or at least link to them, those sites also offer a wealth of content you may also have an interest in exploring.

Got any other music sites you think I should consider adding to this page? Feel free to email me (

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NUVO Newsweekly

Indianapolis’s long-running Alternative Newsweekly has continually published since 1992, and covers area politics, music, culture, environment and the arts like nobody’s business. In addition to the updated online content, the paper is available for free at more than 1,200 locations around Indianapolis.

The Bent Unit

This Brooklyn-based music blog is well worth your time to check out on a regular basis, if only to know the coolest bands before anyone else. It’s run by Jake Palumbo, who fronts the awesome band Wonderbreed when he’s not spreading the word about bands he’s equally excited about.

ClickItTicket — For a true rock music fan, being there at the big show is everyone’s must-have. But when the event sells out, we need a trusted ticket broker to help get the seats we can’t access ourselves. ClickItTicket is that site, a one-stop destination for major event access (music and sports) where the best seats are at your fingertips. Choose the location you want, not the one that someone else thinks you want. Compare location and price to find the perfect match! Check them out — It is well worth the visit to find your new favorite concert ticket resource.

Stereo Subversion
Matt Conner has brought on an amazing number of great writers, and though I no longer write for the site on a regular basis, I definitely think SSv should be a site music fans check on a regular basis for quality reviews and insightful, in-depth interviews with up-and-coming artists of all genres.

Forget Pitchfork! PopMatters is one stop shopping for music lovers of all persuasions, covering pop culture across genres. Reviews, interviews and long-form commentary / essays are all offered up on a daily basis.

Uprooted Music Revue (
Chris Mateer, a music critic and overall lover of all forms of roots music, writes from Portland, Oregon. His site features album and book reviews, along with live performance coverage, but his real area of expertise is via insightful interviews, which I constantly find myself engrossed in. Among my favorites are his interview last year with Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson and last September’s insightful discussion with Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers regarding his solo album Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance. Definitely a site worth visiting on a regular basis.

Mixed Tape Masterpiece (
This blog is the brainchild of an Austin resident who remembers growing up listening to local radio and recording everything, during the era of 90s alternative, which is an era dear to my music-blogging soul. He, unlike myself, actually still has all these cassettes filled with awesome radio nuggets, and he’s transitioned them to online audio and is making the tapes available one by one with insightful commentary to go with each individual song. It’s a wonder to behold, and is sure to prove addictive for those of us who remember doing exactly what he did as a child. As he puts it in an update to his article on REM’s “The One I Love,” which was freshly pressed by WordPress on April 13th: “If I could go back in time and talk to my 12-year-old self, I’d say ‘You know those countless hours you spent in your room sitting in front of your stereo with your fingers poised above the Play/Record buttons instead of going outside and getting some fresh air? Totally worth it.'” Indeed … check it out!


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    • Glad to help spread the word 😉 How’d you stumble on my page? Regardless, I’m glad you did and hope you continue to find my ramblings of interest 😉 I’m a genre whore for sure, so you’ll never quite know what’s coming next!

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