VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Scars Heal In Time


Houston’s The Scars Heal In Time came all the way out to Indy’s 5th Quarter Lounge last night to open for Boy Hits Car and Shadeland, and the band absolutely nailed it in front of a ridiculously small Indianapolis audience. Undaunted, the band put on an amazing performance and then stuck around all night despite being underage and therefore required to spend the remainder of the evening in the 5th Quarter’s hallway, having soft-drinks shuttled to their merch area while they talked to newly-minted fans and music critics like myself.

I was lucky enough to get five minutes with them after Boy Hits Car’s ridiculously insane set, which you can watch below along with the band’s original track “Darkest Place of All,” which you can buy via their album Double Exposure. They’re already at work on material for a follow-up, which you should be able to get your hands on in 2017!


THE LIVE WIRE: Boy Hits Car at the 5th Quarter (TONIGHT!)


Los Angeles’ Boy Hits Car will be playing a set tonight at Indianapolis’ 5th Quarter Lounge, with support from The Scars Heal In Time and Shadeland! Tickets are only $10 at the door  for what should be a blistering Wednesday night trio of performances. I’ve done some afternoon digging on this band to refresh my memory — they’ve been together since 1993, released their first album My Animal independently in 1998, had mainstream exposure on Wind-Up records for their self-titled sophomore album, and then chose to go independent again thereafter. Though their earlier material initially had nu-metal influences, they’ve always gravitated toward more adventurous sounds than many of their contemporaries. Now they’re much more on the melodic end of the metal spectrum. Check out “The Rebirth” off their self-titled Wind-Up release (a video is posted below) for  strong example of their early work, or “Quiet Storm” off their 2014 album All That Led Us Here.

I believe doors open at 7:30, as the first band is scheduled to start at 8:00. You can find out more here.


Chris Rock bringing “Total Blackout” tour to Indianapolis’ Murat Theater in May


In great news for Hoosier stand-up fans, particularly in the post-election climate, where we all need to be able to find ways to both laugh and think, Chris Rock has announced his first stand-up tour in nine years and he’ll be bringing it through the Circle City! On May 3rd Rock will stop in Indianapolis at the Murat Theater, a show for which tickets go on sale to the public on Friday! I, for one, can’t get in line soon enough. Screw Ticketmaster, I’m hitting the Murat box office first thing Friday morning. Who’s with me?

THE LIVE WIRE: Crowbar – “High Rate Extinction” (5th Quarter Lounge, 12/5/2016)

There’s never a disappointing moment when you’re at a Crowbar show. I love the fact that they bridge the gap between my appreciation of the best elements of doom metal, brooding thunder that shakes your brain until it bleeds, andpassages that are equally at home in the world of hardcore punk. Easily the most influential band to ever come out of New Orleans’ metal community, these guys have been destroying convention for almost thirty years.

The track I caught on video tonight is the opener off their self-titled sophomore album, released back in 1993, but there’s nothing dated about the sound here. The way they slam right into the opening riff you’d think they wrote that bastard two weeks ago!

After the bruising I took to get Goatwhore shots, I wasn’t in position to get the best photo of Crowbar, so here are what I was able to snap … hope the video makes up for it! (All photos credit: Jonathan Sanders)

LIVE PHOTOS: Goatwhore at the 5th Quarter Lounge (12/5/2016)

I’ve learned to take my shots in the world of metal. And in this case, to get my shots of New Orleans’ Goatwhore, a band I’ve wanted to see now for months, I had to take a few … to the balls! Yeah, the crowd got a bit physical during this band’s particularly solid set Monday night, but it was worth it to be part of the wildest crowd I’ve experienced yet at the 5th Quarter. I got my photos, I took my punches, I got a few in of my own, and then got the hell out of the way and enjoyed plenty of amazing metal in the process!

If you haven’t had the chance to catch a show at Mona and Shannon’s bar, get your asses down there — the 5th Quarter is among the upper echelon of live music venues in the nation hands down, metal or not! And it’s right in our back yard here in Indianapolis. No excuses!

(All photos credit: Jonathan Sanders)

LIVE PHOTOS: Lillake at the 5th Quarter Lounge (12/5/2016)

Oh … my … God …

Let me just tell you. I was prepared for Crowbar. I’ve fucking seen their asses before, at the 5th Quarter. I knew what they could do. And I was told what Goatwhore was capable of by friends who had seen them before. But I had never seen Lillake. Few have.  They’d only done nine live shows prior to tonight’s show at the 5th, though Nico Santora’s a legend if you’ve followed Suicidal Tendencies. So you’d at least know he’s capable of pulling out some serious rabbits from that hat.

But damn!

Tonight this band seriously fucked my shit up. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. Check out the video below of the 12 minutes I taped … two songs they’ve given me permission to post. And enjoy the photos below as well. And then, by all means, GO BUY THEIR ALBUM! Support music that fucking matters!

Thank you.

(All photos credit: Jonathan Sanders)

“Hear! Hear!” Music to co-sponsor ‘Shut Your Punk Ass Up Fest 2017’!


You have been warned … this is going to be the biggest year yet for the best punk fest in central Indiana, now entering its third year! More bands are going to be added to the bill, so when you drop your $12 measly bucks for a two-day pass for the fest on March 31 and April 1 2017, you’re going to get these 16 insanely talented local bands and more! Trust me, I’ve only seen Fastidio and AnneFrankDux off this list, and those two alone are worth $12!

Hell, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. “Hear! Hear!” Music is proud to announce that this site is already signed on as an early co-sponsor of the fest at the top level. So we’re all in on this unholy bastard. Expect to see interviews with as many of these bands as we can muster ahead of the fest, and then tons of live coverage during the two days.

Get your tickets NOW!