The post regarding that time I listened to David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now?” and discovered a cure for insomnia

I made it through thirty seconds of David Bowie’s stunningly disappointing single “Where Are We Now?” before I found myself searching for a place to rest my head in disappointment. The weak excuse for a chorus, the ploddingly maudlin melody and Bowie’s ridiculously obtuse lyricism combine to beg the question: “Why now, Bowie?” Excuse me while I revisit ‘”Space Oddity” and Ziggy Stardust, rather than endure even one more replay of this lame excuse for a comeback.

Maybe I’m completely off my rocker. If so, you’ll surely convince me in the comments. But if the only way he can goose this onto a top 40 chart is to give the single away as part of a “pre-order deal” for his upcoming album, don’t expect the song to have much ground to stand on.