Fans of brit-pop inspired modern psychedelic rock, Elephant Stone is your new music savior with single “Heavy Moon”

Music like this virtually reviews itself. From the opening note, a long sustained organ hit with the gut-punch of Harvey Danger’s “Sad Sweetheart of the Rodeo,” the hook of “Heavy Moon” is immediate, as the band builds steadily upon a meaty layering of Kula Shaker, Oasis-inspired vocals, and the brilliantly elemental melodic structures of Elliott Smith.

The Montreal band, formed in 2009 by sitarist / bassist Rishi Dhir, won the Polaris music prize for debut-album The Seven Seas, and fans have long awaited the proper follow-up, which finally will see the light of day on February 5th. They picked a great opening single, as the video below will attest. But having heard the entire album through a few times now, I can attest the remainder of the album is chock full of keepers, including “Setting Sun,” which blends the hook of Kula Shaker’s “Tatva” with a jangle-pop melody the Gin Blossoms would have killed for in 1996. And “The Sea of Your Mind” is exactly the nine-minute progressive pop jam your mp3 player’s been begging for.

Plug your headphones in, hold on tight and get ready for the ride … but music this good is worth every second. Spread the word!


FEATURED SONG: Onward, Soldiers – “Cinder Blocks”

Onward, Soldiers

Onward, Soldiers! There's music to be conquered.

“Darling, Cinder Block eyes, you put me in a coma,” Sean Thomas Gerard sings, delving into a dream he had about Medusa. The track which resulted from said dream is the perfect introduction to this Wilmington, North Carolina band, which revels in a blend of alt-folk and rock which is akin to combining the tunefulness of a band like Gin Blossoms and throwing it into a blender with Will Hoge, Ryan Adams and Wilco. Even then, the end product stands out as something truly stamped with their own experiences, a perfect example of building on your influences to then go off in your own direction.

If you enjoyed the Hoots and Hellmouth song I posted this morning, you’ll absolutely love “Cinder Blocks.” Which means their latest album, Monsters, should be required listening. Regardless of how long you listen, the music most certainly will not put you in a coma. This is music you shout about from the rooftops … or at least you should.