Classic Poster-Art Proves “Rock” serves more than just the aural senses

Wes Freed's legendary poster art is unmistakeable.

Wes Freed’s legendary poster art is unmistakeable.

I don’t like using the “reblog” function on WordPress — it’s so impersonal, allowing bloggers to simply take the work of others and regurgitate it, assuming no role in the creative process. But I stumbled on this post from commenter Mister STAP‘s Blog Stand There And Play and it got me thinking about the role of album covers and poster art in fueling our collective obsessions with rock music in general. His post is well worth the visit even if only to gape at the astounding collection of posters he’s able to stare out at every time he writes. But I have to wonder as well, which art reaches out to you, my readers? I have long been attracted to the work of Wes Freed, whose creations for the band Drive-By Truckers are unmistakeable in their immediate visual hook.

Have any artists in particular inspired you as listeners with their distinctive album or poster art? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Wes Freed (photo from

The artist Wes Freed.