Erase the grey: Golden Bloom’s “Flying Mountain” a nugget of winter bliss

And when the morning starts
What’s left behind is where the broken hearts lay
Let’s proclaim there’s no day like today

Shawn Fogel sings of too many thoughts and ideas floating around his head sometimes and few among us will fail to relate. Thankfully his music with Golden Bloom keeps the clutter at bay, vividly waking us from those pre-Holiday blues with a shining nugget of pop like nothing you’ll hear on the radio. “Flying Mountain,” off the band’s latest album No Day Like Today, gently cuts through all that noise we’re inundated with on a daily basis — Fogel suggests if there’s a flood of information, maybe we should simply ride the surf. Hints of darkness within the mix have been very much overblown by the band’s press material, but no matter; there’s always enough darkness to go around elsewhere. What we need now is a shelter from the storm, with enough pop in the mix to make the feet dance. Everything else is gravy.